What will planners look like in 2020?

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Trinote at work

We had a very interesting message from a customer recently giving us feedback on the 2016 Trinote planner. Here are some suggestions he had, I would love to know what you think:

  1. Add a pen loop as a double horizontal slit on a flap of the cover material. Is this something you would like, or do you prefer using stick-on pen loops?
  2. Adding brown as a (non-leather) cover color option. We’ve offered brown in the past in our Club and Soho cover ranges, but don’t currently. We do have brown available in Mignon leather and Duo leather covers, but these are not available for all our planners.
  3. Monthly calendars: this is our most popular request for an additional feature in our calendars.
  4. A page for a book list for the year. Interesting idea. Maybe have an extra Notes page for this?
  5. Include a page for Sports or major Events of the year (printed like the world holidays). Is this something you would want taking up a page in your planner?
  6. Experiment with hybrid/flexible LCD pages with stylus input. This is a fascinating idea!

Then he asked us the question, to get us thinking: What will the 2020 Quo Vadis planners look like?

What do you think about his suggestions, and what do you think planners should look like (and do) in the future?

5 thoughts on “What will planners look like in 2020?

  1. YES PLEASE to the pen loop and the MONTHLY PAGES! I use a Septanote, and I really feel the lack of monthly planning pages – I hate having a separate calendar for a monthly view, and would much prefer it in my main planner.
    Also, please do include more notes pages. Not necessarily specific ones (such as “book list” or “movies seen”) but just more space to create your own notes, lists, etc. I would really like that.

  2. As far as a perfect planner: Mixed Role Productions has it. I have used it for several years now.
    One thing though- lately I have wanted a smaller version and they don’t make one.
    So- reconsidered my old standby Quo Vadis Business in 4×6 however Monthly Calendars are not included. I feel that lack is a real deficiency in an otherwise great planner. They are necessary. The Exacompta Space 17 has the monthly bit, but the shape and style/paper is really unpalatable to me. The little Rhodia planner with the week on the left and grid notepaper on the right is terrific but no monthly calendar. So- looks I will be going with the small Moleskin weekly with horizontal weeks on the left/note space on the right and monthly calendars as well. That’s just my two cents. The Monthly layout is really helpful for an overview and perhaps QV could consider that for future planning! As far as the pen thing and brown- not of interest to me!

  3. 1.I would like to have an option of a pen loop on like an executive version of a color like black, gray, or brown. I like something like this for my abp1 (http://www.filofax.co.uk/smooth-notebook-cover-8550_A5_03NO-1.html#color=Black)
    2.yup. brown, black, or grey. Maybe switch out every few years.
    3.Monthly calendars: YES! Maximize writing space as much as possible. I would LOVE to have a month on two pages in my abp1. I have to have a second planner for my monthly calendar, which is annoying at times.
    4. Extra note pages work for me.
    5. No thanks to the sporting events.
    6.What? I have no idea what this is.

    I’d love a cover like the flex notebook cover to fit my abp1. I love that I can order the different color of covers if I want. LOVE the abp1. My biggest wish is to have the month on two pages added to it, more notes pages, space to save/have business cards, maybe credit card. I’d love an all in one.

  4. 1.I would not want a pen loop. The break in the continuity of my planner cover would be more annoying than helpful. Pens are everywhere, and if we carry them with us, there are other ways to do that.
    2. I would not care about a brown cover unless it was a really nice leather, and if it was, I couldn’t afford it anyway.
    3. Monthly calendars are very important to me in addition to the weekly that I work with daily, but I already have those in my Space 24 and am very grateful for them. I wouldn’t want a planner without them. They are very helpful for an overview.
    4. Interesting idea but too specialized. Many of us might already use goodreads or some such site to keep track of our books, if we even keep track of them. Notes pages are always helpful, though, then everyone can use them for whatever they want to.
    5. I absolutely wouldn’t want a page for sports events taking up room in my planner. These are more local than national anyway, and everyone’s favorite teams give out all kinds of schedules that could be tucked away inside the planner cover if you need them that close to you.
    6. Absolutely not. If you want to go to an electronic planner, than do it. But our paper planners are sacred to us and we use paper for a reason. I don’t want electronics anywhere near my paper planner. I do use Outlook at work quite heavily, which makes my personal paper planner even more special.
    Hopefully this doesn’t sound too negative. I just didn’t happen to like these particular ideas, but I love my planner and my Clairefontaine notebooks and would hate to ever be without them. I hope that with all the electronics intruding on our lives every minute every day, people will continue to appreciate how wonderful and organic and special that paper goods are. Mine is working so well for me that I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if I’m still using my Space 24 (or something similar) in 2020, with maybe a few more full notes pages and without the travel/expense records. I like the personal information and maps but could do without the other info pages very easily. I didn’t think I would like the bound-in address book, but have found that I do. I never used the loose one because it was annoying and always got in the way, but this one is very handy especially as I unplug as much as possible from putting any personal information about myself or anyone else online. Thank you again for being such a great company, and for being so willing to listen to your customers’ needs.

  5. 1. yes on pen loop.
    2. i prefer black or grey but think brown would be nice.
    3. YES on included monthly calendars with space to plan (few words, maximize space). pretty please.
    4. hah. i just opened up my trinote and was surprised to rediscover a notes page bound into the back of the planner. i’d have used that one for my reading this year if I’d remembered it! another generic page or two wouldn’t be bad (instead of receipts/payments i honestly don’t use those).
    5. No.
    6. that’d be fun!
    7. Please give Sunday equal weekly status … or share Saturday.

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