Veterans Day guest post: David S.

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Today we have a very special guest post in honor of Veterans Day here in the US. David S. won a 2016 Minister planner in our recent giveaway, and graciously agreed to do a guest post for us. Thank you David!

David S

My journey into what I like to call fine stationary products started out thanks to my Great-Grandfather. He gave me a fountain pen for Christmas seven years ago. It took me three years to pick it up because of his passing and two combat tours with 2nd Battalion 6th Marines as a Navy Corpsman and Sniper Team Member.

David 2

What I can tell you is with my background, I like things organized, done right, and done well. A bit of a perfectionist you could say. Its been through journaling, and through my planners I’ve been able to face a lot of demons and let a lot of things go. I’ve found freedom in the present, and appreciating my time with family and the little things in life. I swear my Gramps knew what he was doing leaving this pen, he was a World War II and Korea Vet.

How I planned on using this Minister planner was like any I will have to be honest. When I received the planner, I was instantly inspired by the quality of it. The subtle little touches and details and bits of thought that went into it. I instantly wanted to plan a getaway, some sort of expedition.

Alumni sticker

Just recently I’ve been heavily involved with Wounded Warrior Project, doing events trying to get out and meet more local veterans. This planner really has made me want to do more and become a peer mentor, and really help as many veterans and families as I can. Also to get out and travel with my own family, and spend more quality time with them. It’s the maps and the time zone sections, I just feel like I need to mark them up with places traveled!

Inside planner
Veterans Day is the hardest holiday for me because its the one holiday of the year no matter where I was I would find a phone and call my Great-Grandfather. Now with him being gone its hard not to think of his passing, or the thirty plus close friends I’ve fought with who aren’t here with today. Now It’s a day of celebration in my household of lives lived for those who knowingly sacrificed all and would do it over again. Everyday I write and I express my emotions, thoughts, and appreciated the present I just think thanks Gramps.

David with comrades

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  1. Happy Veterans’ Day and thank you.

    I think I may have served with your unit. I was in Afghanistan in ’04-05 at FOB Salerno. I think the 2nd Bn 6th Marines replaced the 1st of the 501st PIR there.

    • Well I know they were there in early 2002 ish, I think you may be right though! 6th Marines has spent a lot of time over there. If not 2nd Battalion I would guess 1st or 3rd. But then anyone with grunts is good in my book!! Haha! Thank you for the support! Err! Hoorah!

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