Planners as Fun Tools

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stamped note 27 1

I have been thinking about adding stamp art to my planner for some time now, so I decided to experiment today with an old Note 27.

Instead of boxes, each stamp signifies a different category or accomplishment:  daily walk to the office, week’s priority, research, work to dos, home chores, weekend stuff.

Unique stamps, out-of-the-norm ink colors and irregular positioning made stamping my week fun, and actually made me think more about what I wanted to include with my custom creations

When I was buying supplies at our local stamping store – The Ink Pad – I asked the owner if she had any products for planners. She did!  There is a whole cottage industry of planner stamps, stickers and other things to personalize your book.  I took a photo of a small portion of planner accessories.    the ink pad store 1

Now, I’m thinking of moving up from a Sapa X to Note 27 to have more stamp room in 2016.

Does anyone customize their planner stamps/stickers or make their own notebook or planner from stamps?


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