Decoupage Your Datebook (Or Journal!)

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My new fancy is to personalize my Note 27 planner by stamping.  I will use different stamps to lay out my tasks and weekly priorities.  The stamps add personality and whimsy to the week, and somehow make it lighter and more doable.

In the past, I have also liked to customize my refill cover via decoupage.  Some mixed media artists (not me!) have done this with colorful and imaginative results.

If you would like to try this for your 2016 planner (or test on your 2015 planner), or have a hardboard paper notebook or journal you would like to decorate, please write a comment on this post with one or two colors of Decopatch paper you would like to use in your cover creation.

If possible, please send us a photo so we can share your cover on the blog, and hopefully inspire others.  A tool is always more meaningful when it’s truly your own.


2 thoughts on “Decoupage Your Datebook (Or Journal!)

  1. I really like the musical paper, but I could never be coordinated enough to decoupage it straight on my covers. I would probably go with the monuments paper because everyone loves to sight see!

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