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We get asked often where to buy accessories such as notes insert booklets or address booklets that fit Quo Vadis planners, those nifty elastic bookmarks, and Club business card holders (shown above).

The great news is, they are easy to find! We have a web page with links to all those accessories that will take you straight through to the retail websites so you can get your planner all kitted out with everything you need. Click here to see our accessories page with links to retailers.

2 thoughts on “Customer question: Where to buy accessories

  1. Hi there
    I wonder whether anyone else has done the following: measure the size of the columns/time boxes in your agenda and cut different colours of the Super Sticky type Post It notes to size (1 hour, 2 hour, 4 hour) to use for appointments that are recurring or may be rescheduled. For projects this is pretty useful as it facilitates tracking what was done when. Wouldn’t it be great if Quo Vadis made this for their Planners? I was thinking of somehow creating my own but am worried about legal issues with Quo Vadis if I was to market them as such.

    • The widths of the daily columns vary by size and format of planner: for example they are different in the (pocket size) Business planner than in the (extra large) President. So the widths would have to be custom-made for each size and type of planner.

      As for you marketing them yourself, I don’t know about the legalities. You can click on Contact at the top right of the blog page to ask.

      I hope this helps!

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