Writing Wednesday: Page Per Day Challenge posts so far

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Several people have asked me recently, what is this Page Per Day Challenge? When does it start? What do we do?

So I wanted to summarize what we’ve done so far. Everyone is welcome! Jump right in.

First of all the point of the Challenge is to write, draw, stick or put whatever you want onto one page in a notebook or day per page planner, every day for a whole year. You can start any time: the beginning of the school year, your birthday, January 1st, or right now. The challenge is the consistency of doing it every day for the whole year. The result will be a great record of your year, an expansion of your creativity, and the development of your ideas through time.

The reason it’s only one page per day is to place limits. If you think you should write page after page every day for the whole year, you will quickly burn out. Having the limit of just the one page every day takes the pressure of expectation off. Anything you capture on your page today is good.

You can dedicate your book to a specific topic: daily gratitude, sketch per day, collage, journal; or you can do like I do and jot down anything at all throughout the day.

The first post in the series gives more details on the Challenge itself and how to get started.

We have a Facebook group dedicated to everyone doing the Quo Vadis Page Per Day Challenge, you can find it here. In this group we share ideas and photos of how we are using our Quo Vadis notebooks or day per page planners for this challenge. It’s a fun place to get new ideas on ways to use your book.

The second post in the series helps you decide which to use: a dated day per page planner, or an undated notebook? Each has its pros and cons.

If you’ve decided you want the structure of a dated page every day, this post will help you choose which daily planner to use.

If you want the flexibility of an undated notebook, this post will walk you through your options of size and format.

If you’re wondering what you’re going to put on your page every day for the whole year, this post will give you lots of ideas.

In order to be successful in writing every day, you’ll need to figure out when your writing will take place. This post will help you figure out your best time to write each day.

Some people are using a dated day per page planner as their all-in-one book for the Challenge and their daily planning. Other people are keeping a separate planner, and using their day per page diary or notebook as their daily record in addition to and separate from their planner. This very popular post shows ways to use a planner and a notebook together. A lot of people using the Bullet Journal method liked this post because it answered their “how to plan ahead?” conundrum.

Throughout the year we’ll be featuring people here on Quo Vadis blog who are doing the Challenge. It will be fun to see how people are using their daily pages, and what their books look like as they start to fill up. If you would like to be featured here on Quo Vadis blog and show photos of how you are using your daily book, email me at laurie@exaclair.com!

There are more posts to come in this series, but this will get you started on the Challenge. To see all the posts in this series, click here. Also to see all the posts including the most recent you can go to the menu in the right sidebar under Categories, and pull down to find Page Per Day Challenge.

The Challenge is open to all! Come along and join us on our journey all year.

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