Writing Wednesday: a list per day

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the list

Here’s another idea for those of you doing our Page Per Day Challenge (or even those of you who aren’t): write a list each day.

This would be a great way to journal. It would take the pressure off, for sure. You wouldn’t even have to compose complete sentences. Just write a list of anything, every day. I think the results would be pretty enlightening.

Write a list of your favorite songs right now. Write a list of your favorite spices. Or of foods you don’t like. Write a list of the names of all the pets you’ve ever had. What are some movies you’ve fallen asleep during? Or a list of your favorite apps?

If you want to delve a little deeper, write a list of friends you’ve grown apart from. Or a list of the best family vacations, holidays, or birthdays you remember as a kid.

Have you ever tried listing as a journaling method?


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