Time management Monday: How to use your planner with a wall calendar

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calendar year (12-30-08)

In my Tool Box series here on Quo Vadis blog, I’ve been showing you how to use your planner along with other time management tools like sticky notes and notebooks.

Many people think their planner should be their only time management tool and end up frustrated. The truth is, your planner is just one tool in your time management tool box. There are many other tools you can use along with your planner to help you manage your time and tasks.

One excellent tool is a wall calendar. Wall calendars come in monthly or yearly formats, and can be paper or whiteboard/ wipe-off. These can be used in several ways:

For multiple people: A wall calendar is an easy way for everyone to be informed about scheduled events. This works well as a family calendar in the kitchen or an office calendar on the wall. Everyone in the family or on the team can see deadlines, holidays, when people are out or traveling, and anything else coming up. Some families have the rule: if it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t happen!

For your own reference: Even if you are the only one looking at your wall calendar, it’s a great way to keep deadlines and important events visible. Keep it at your desk or wherever you spend the most time so you can see at a glance when those big events are coming up.

When you use more than one planning format at the same time, it’s important to keep them synchronized. In your wall calendar it’s best to write big, fixed events that are not likely to change. In your planner you can write the daily details. Look at them both often to make sure they both contain the latest updated information.

3 thoughts on “Time management Monday: How to use your planner with a wall calendar

  1. I haven’t tried this because I’m only responsible for myself so far, but, for a family, the way I thought it would work with both is: future events go on the wall calendar so everyone can see them. At every planning meeting on a Sunday, the wall calendar then becomes “closed” for new information (you could mark the calendar in some way to reflect this), and the details go in to each person’s personal system (paper planner or digital, etc), and anything that comes up during the week you have to talk to the relevant person and work it out together.

    You could also use a similar system if your partner is a ‘digital systems all the way’ sort of person.

  2. A dry erase big enough to hold an entire year is my best partner for my planner. I tend to keep the personal stuff in the planner and use the dry erase so I can see what’s coming and make long range plans. Publishing works up to a year out, so I tend to scan a month at a time, then a quarter.

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