Time management Monday: How to use planners together

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Several people have asked me recently about using two planners together to have daily, weekly and monthly pages all in one. I’ve especially had this request from folks doing the Page Per Day Challenge so they can have their daily pages and weekly planning all together. This is a great technique for anyone who wants daily, weekly and monthly pages in one grab-and-go book.

Here’s the trick: use the pocket size Space 17 planner, which has weekly and monthly pages, and pop it into the cover of your daily book.

Here is the Space 17 inside the front cover of the Textagenda day per page planner (also works with the same size Notor planner).

2015-10-08 2015-10-08 001 002The Space 17 fits into the cover flap.

Below is the Space 17 open to a weekly page.

2015-10-08 2015-10-08 001 003

Adding the Space 17 into the daily book adds to the thickness just a little bit, but it’s still very reasonable.

2015-10-08 2015-10-08 001 004

You could also add the Space 17 into the day per page Journal 21 planner, or the same size ABP1. The Journal 21 already has monthly pages but the ABP1 does not.

2015-10-08 2015-10-08 001 007

You could even pop the Space 17 into the back pocket of a notebook to have planning and notes all in one book.

You could do a similar thing to add monthly pages to a weekly or daily planner that doesn’t already have them: the pocket size Visoplan and Exaplan monthly planners can slide into the cover of any planner or notebook for added month overview pages. I did this one year with my Minister weekly planner and it worked really well.


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  1. I like the layout of the Textagenda. It sort of reminds me of the Hobonichi, just laid out differently. It is a tad thick and look like it might be heavy to carry, but I love the layout and the ooodles of room to write in the center.

    Oh, and Kristy – I knew this would give you the ‘tinglies’! 🙂

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