Test drive a 2016 Minister weekly planner!

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This giveaway is now closed. You can see the list of winners here.

The Minister planner has a weekly layout with days as timed vertical columns and a space at the top of each day for the day’s priority. On every weekly spread there are list boxes to write your weekly categorized task lists.  2015-08-13 2015-08-13 001 008

The Minister’s page size is 6 1/4 by 9 3/8 inches, slightly taller than A5. The slim book is light and easy to carry in your bag. The smooth, white paper is 90 gsm and designed to be used with fountain pens and any inks.

The Minister is packed with other features like the Anno-Planner:

2015-08-13 2015-08-13 001 007

Extensive maps:

2015-08-13 2015-08-13 001 009

2015-08-13 2015-08-13 001 010International information, contacts and more.

This giveaway is now closed. You can see the list of winners here.


9 thoughts on “Test drive a 2016 Minister weekly planner!

  1. First I would like to say thank you to Exaclair and Qua Vadis Blog for the give away and inspirational blog and Facebook page! I received the Black Texas Cover Minister Cover and the only complaint is having to wait until November 30th. The quality is just amazing, I love the fine and well thought details. From the well thought out planning elements like international date spread sheets, calendars, holidays, and maps. To the maps, receipts tracker, and pull out address book. Then to top it all of this planner can handle my wettest nibs with my most difficult, but lovely inks with a breeze! Not only do I feel now more lucky to have won the giveaway, I know I won’t last a year before I own another Qua Vadis planner. I highly recommend you give your phone a little time off and check out these planners best I’ve tried or seen.

  2. I was one of the winners of these minister planners and I got to say wow these are nice. After buying cheap almost tissue like planners and having to use a pencil lightly, this planner is just plain awesome. I did not know before that Quo Vadis planners used Clairefontaine paper and was always perplexed as why they didn’t a planner. The pages are great for a fountain pen and the tear off edges are a very neat feature that allows you to go to the week you left off at ( provided that you don’t forget previous weeks). I honestly looked at the Quo Vadis planners this year at Goulet’s Pens and almost pulled the trigger on it but was hesitant without seeing one in real life. Now I know that I will stick to this planner from now on. It’s very easy to use and has some very neat features. The booklet at the very back on the planner is a nice addition with a note section, email addresses, web address, notes sections, dot grid page, and a couple of blank pages excellent for upping your stick figure drawing while in what maybe a pointless meeting. After this test driving out a planner I know they have a life long customer in me and I will be coming back for more. They only problem I have with this planner is that I have to wait till November 30th to ditch my old planner for this one, a date which can’t come soon enough!

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