Reader question: removable covers and pockets

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I’ve had several people ask me this question, or a variation of it: do Quo Vadis planners have pockets or places to slip in papers, tickets, etc?

Yes, they do: the removable covers on the refillable planners create pockets inside the front and back covers where you can slip in papers, a Notes or Address booklet (which comes standard with some planners), or even another planner.

The photo below shows a planner out of its removable cover.

2015-04-21 2015-04-21 001 002

When the planner is in the cover, you can see the pocket that is formed.


The removable covers include the Club, Texas and Soho covers and the leather Duo, Chelsea and Mignon covers. Please note these pockets do not exist in non-refillable cover styles like the Python or Noir covers.

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