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We have an on-going debate in the office to keep, pitch, or eliminate some “Information Pages” to make room for other things, including monthly planning pages and additional notes pages.

Information pages are not consistent from book to book, but they can include:

-Maps of U.S., Canada, North America, South America, Australia & New Zealand, Europe, Asia, Africa

-Personal Information page

-List of current and upcoming year major North American holidays

-List of Major World Holidays for the current year

-North American time zones

-International Telephone Access Codes

-Minimum and Maximum Monthly Average Temperatures in the World

-World Time Zones

-Weights & Measures / Conversion Tables

Here’s my question:  Do you use any of these informational pages?  Which ones do you think we should keep?  Are there any you think we should add?

8 thoughts on “Maps & Information Pages

  1. Personally, I do think that maps- will always be a good feature. But it all comes down to your user.

    I use the tri-not and this this is a planner I use almost all the time hence the more information I have the better it is. I tend to travel quite a bit and plan vacations etc. The maps help me get things in perspective. I do think that perhaps the layout of the information could be changed basically co pictorial or graphical and you can accommodate more. I am waiting for my new Tri-Note and will probably write quite a bit after looking at it .

  2. I love maps, but I honestly never look at the information pages in the planners. Just about any of that information is easily looked up on Google, and I usually do that first rather than thinking, “Maybe my planner has that.” I would much rather have monthly planner pages as an option in all of the planners. Monthly planning pages are a requirement in my planners, as I’ve discovered through hard experience. 🙂

  3. I can’t recall ever having used any of the pages except personal info, and there it has space for much more info than I care to share. Name, phone number, and e mail address would be all that I would need.

  4. With how easy it is to gain access to information now, I think the reference pages that are still useful are limited to things that one may desire rapid access to without breaking their current activity. For example a business meeting, where it may be pertinent to rapidly say when the next federal holiday is.

  5. I have to admit that I never use these pages, either. I kind of like a personal information page – although I don’t fill out most of it – but while I love my paper planners, I also love my smartphone, and am more likely to google for this information that check my planner for it. (I also rarely need to know things like international calling codes or weights/measures conversions. I can see them being helpful in a planner specifically geared for travel, but not a “regular” one.)

  6. I don’t tend to use any of those pages. For some reason, I do like having the maps though! Not sure why, as I don’t really use them.

  7. Maps, indeed, are better googled… as conversion tables, temp charts, world zone, etc.

    In fact, I don’t really need any of these info. And regarding the Information page, just a box with name and phone number is enough. Email, may be…

  8. I like information pages. Some, like maps and time zones, are better googled. Others, however, like the US, North America, and world holidays, are nice.

    Perhaps make PDFs available of what gets the axe?

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