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Quo Vadis offers 16 fountain pen friendly planners with 90gr paper.   See most of them here.

The weekly formats include 9  calendar year (Dec.-Dec. or Jan.-Dec.) and 4 academic year (July-July or Aug.-July).

All the monthly formats – Visoplan (12 mos.), Exaplan (21 mos.) and Monthly 4 (18 mos.) – are fountain pen friendly.

Most have white paper; but Visual and Space 24 have Registre Azur paper (a very light green), and Note 27 features ivory paper.

My planner is a Sapa X (64 g).  I often use pencil, but sometimes I’m in the mood to write with a pen. Since I use a fine point nib and fast-drying ink I rarely get bleed-thru.  My preference is white paper with a fountain pen. Perhaps it is my imagination, but I experience the ink colors more vividly with white paper vs. ivory or the green.

Do you write in your planner with a fountain pen?  If so, what is your experience, and does the color of the paper make a difference to you?


3 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Friendly Planners

  1. Sailor, Private Reserve or other saturated inks with B nibs or larger tend to ghost on the other side, even with nice paper. I prefer the white or pale green (Visual) so I don’t get the dingy ink colors of the ivory/cream papers.

  2. Hi,

    I have to admit that I’m using a planner because it is a way to use on a regular basis my FPs – not really to be better organized. So a FP friendly paper is a must to have. As mentionned by Bob, the bright white paper is a plus. Ink colors pop! Having a Habana with ivory color paper, I really want a white paper. Ivory gives a classy look, but ink doesn’t look the same.

  3. Bonjour –

    DayTimer since 1976. It’s a habit, even though the paper is lightweight and is easily bled through, especially with BayState Blue in a Montblanc or a Pelikan. C’est la vie.

    Used Quo Vadis for advance planning, but in 2013 they didn’t offer a pocket one that started in July, so switched to a Passion Planner, which is super friendly to fountain pens, even really wet writers. The bright white paper is a plus.

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