Writing Wednesday: Page Per Day Challenge 2016

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For 2016 I’m setting a challenge for myself and for you: to use one page per day in a planner or notebook every day, for the whole year. To share the experience, we will have a Page Per Day group here on QV blog, and I have created a Facebook group so we can follow everyone’s progress and see examples of how everyone is using their books.

I hate to even call it a challenge really, because the point is not to tough it out all year. It’s to create an outlet, a record, a place to be creative and/ or to organize your thoughts. Your book will become your companion throughout the year. It will be the place where you write whatever comes into your head.

You can use a day per page planner, or a notebook. You’ll use one page each day, all year. (Notebook users will need several notebooks to get them through the year.) You can use your daily page any way you want: as your planner, journal, notebook, scrap book, drawing each day, goals tracking, or a combination of any or all of these. You can use each page differently if you want. You can have a theme for each day of the week. You can even get one of those little photo printers and stick in photos each day. The possibilities are endless.

Each page will be a snapshot of your day, and at the end of the year your book will tell the story of your life from the entire year. It will be interesting to see how people use their books, and how their use develops over the course of the year.

Throughout the year I’ll have posts here on Quo Vadis blog showing how I and others are using their books. We’ll share photos, ideas, tips and suggestions. I’ll give tips on how to use your book for various purposes like planning, journaling, Bullet Journaling, or as your catch-all everything-book. It will be interesting to see what types of uses everyone comes up with!

The important thing about daily journaling/ recording is that it must be limited. You don’t have time to write about everything you do all day. Thus the one page per day. It automatically limits you to just the one page. And at the same time it encourages continuity, because every day you start fresh with a new page. The goal is to write or record something, anything, each day.

If it sounds hard to write every day, don’t worry. Part of the beauty of using a separate page for each day is that it’s easy to back-fill days you were too busy to write at the time. And you don’t necessarily have to fill every page. Anything you write or put on the page becomes your record. You can stick in the wrapper from the tea you were drinking that day, or write the name of the song you listened to during your commute. It all paints a picture of your life during the year.

In tomorrow’s post I’ll discuss how to choose which book you’ll use, and the pros and cons of using a dated day per page planner or an undated notebook. I still haven’t decided what I will use. A few years ago, a dated day per page planner got me back in the journaling habit. I love the idea of the intimacy of using the same book all year. But for the past two years I’ve been using blank notebooks as my daily books. Although the freedom has been nice, I don’t feel I’ve been using my notebooks as efficiently as I could. I might be ready to go back to the convenience of a dated daily book. More on this tomorrow!

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  1. This sounds like good stimulation for me to be a bit more creative with my hand-drawn moleskine which has month a la Bullet Journal then week plus notes then daily pages. And being part of a challenge will make the planning a bit more fun to record.

  2. Thank you! I have been journaling in a notebook but not faithful daily in the last couple of years. I want to get back to that and got an ABP2 as it is a good carry around size. I can use the timed column as a record of daily activities and the wider column for anything else I want to note. Going on this journey with others always makes it more enjoyable and less like a chore.

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