Time management Monday: How to use your planner with Sticky Notes

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In last week’s Time Management Monday post I talked about how your planner is just one of many tools in your time management tool box. Another very useful tool is sticky notes.

Sticky notes are great for temporary things like grocery lists, but they are even better for recurring events. When you write your recurring events on sticky notes, you can just move them from page to page in your planner without rewriting. Here are some examples:

Below is a picture of a weekly spread in my Septanote planner. I’ll be honest here and tell you I mocked this up, because my actual pages are both too messy and too personal to show you. But this is the way I use it:

2015-09-07 2015-09-07 001 011


You’ll notice I use several sticky notes on my pages. Below you can see my list of weekly home chores. I don’t like rewriting these every week, so I put them on a sticky note. I check off each job as I do it, and move the sticky to next week’s page when I’m done.

2015-09-07 2015-09-07 001 018


In the daily Notes boxes I have a sticky note with my daily intentions. These are things I want and/ or need to do every day. I like having my daily list in my planner for each day, but don’t want to rewrite these tasks daily. I move my list day to day and check things off as I go. Sometimes I do them all, sometimes I don’t. This also gives me a visual on whether I’m achieving these daily goals.

2015-09-07 2015-09-07 001 016


Another very handy use for sticky notes is to designate the alternating weeks for trash vs recycling pickup so I don’t have to rewrite these week after week. At the end of the week, I move the sticky to the week after next so I maintain the every other week pattern. No more missed pickups and no rewriting!

2015-09-07 2015-09-07 001 019

I’ve seen online where people also use this method for bill-paying reminders like rent on the 1st of the month, etc.

Do you use sticky notes in your planner? How do you use them?

6 thoughts on “Time management Monday: How to use your planner with Sticky Notes

  1. My sticky notes are by days of the week, and usually I don’t do everything on the sticky (it’s ambitious and I’m in recovery from mother loss so cut myself a lot of slack). So I make a note of what I did (just as I move meal planning stickies around and note down what we actually ate). I notice your tick marks on the boxes from which Mr. Sticky has moved on, and think I’d never in a billion years remember what check mark went with what task, so I have to note them down.

    • Hi Christine, I’m so sorry for your loss. Thanks for taking the time to post a comment.

      You are right, the way I have shown it is good for checking tasks off each day but not so good for tracking exactly which ones you did or didn’t do each day. Here are a couple of ways you could track: 1) Keep the sticky note in the Monday space, draw lines across the page to correspond to each task, and checkmark on the corresponding line when you’ve completed each task. 2) Print out a grid with the tasks and a space for each day of the week, and stick it on the page with washi tape, glue stick etc. You would mark directly on the stuck-in paper when you completed each task and use a new one each week, but printing them would still keep you from writing your lists each week.

      I hope this is helpful!


  2. How often do you typically replace the notes (i.e., how many moves before the note is no longer sticky)?

    Also, does moving the note wrinkle the paper?

    • Hi Nathalie, moving the note doesn’t wrinkle the paper, it’s nice and thick at 90gsm so it’s not affected. I trim the sticky notes to fit the space, so I make sure to leave a bit of the paper without adhesive on it so it’s easier to grab the corner. The sticky notes lasts a long time, in fact usually my list changes before the adhesive runs out so I make a new updated list when I need to. Honestly the adhesive longevity depends on the quality of the notes I’m using at the time.

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