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Scholar academic year planner

Many of the 2015-2016 academic-year planners are sold out of the Quo Vadis warehouses, which means when retailers run out of their stock, that’s it. So if you’ve been thinking about getting a day-per-page Textagenda, an open-plan weekly Scholar, a large weekly Principal or a pocket vertical weekly University planner, don’t wait!

Textagenda 2015 cropped

Textagenda academic year planner

Also on the endangered list already this year is the 2016 Space 24 planner, which has a horizontal weekly layout with a large space for notes, plus month grid pages. You can find it at these online retailers.

Space 24

Space 24 planner

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  1. I usually buy my Quo Vadis planners at my local Barnes and Noble. This year is the first time that I have seen them carry the Space 17.

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