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When I posted my call for guest post volunteers Monday, a few people misunderstood my post and emailed me with questions of their own on how to use planners in their specific life situations (such as a substitute teacher, or first baby on the way).  This is perfectly fine (I always welcome questions from readers!), and in fact their emails made me realize there are probably more people out there with questions on how to plan and organize their time in their specific life situation.

I’ve tried just about every Quo Vadis planner in existence (not to mention lots of other brands too) and have been through a variety of life situations: university student, graduate student, expat, science lab technician, wildlife conservation volunteer, teacher, corporate office, stay at home parent, work from home parent, etc. So I can probably give you some advice, and if I don’t have an answer for you we’ll open the question up to readers who are sure to have some tips for you.

Feel free to email me your questions at Laurie (at) QuoVadisPlanners (dot) com or post a comment here. No matter what your life situation, we’ll find a planning solution for you!

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