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Recently I received an email from a reader asking for planning advice for a substitute teacher. I don’t have any experience with that particular situation so I thought I would open the question out to you all to see if anyone has any advice. Here is her email:

“There’s lots of good advice for teachers with assigned classes but I’m on the supply circuit with my school board. I’ve been trying to keep myself organized between my phone and my notebook but it’s still messy and I’m flipping through pages trying to find where I wrote things down to remember. I’m looking for a better system that isn’t going to cost a lot to adopt. Any thoughts? Main areas to track is school passwords, duty schedules, days booked, miles logged etc. Thank you!”

My first thought is a Septanote academic year planner. It has space for daily notes, timed daily columns to block out your schedule, and a booklet in the back that would be a handy place to note things like passwords.

If you have any advice, please post a comment! Thanks everyone!

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  1. I used to just keep a block monthly to track days worked and days scheduled and at which school. I used the same calendar and put bell schedules etc, in the front and back ends. A blank ntbk. with hand drawn calendars would be great for this, and you can also log anything important that happens during the day. I use Piccadilly ntbks, and get them at B&N for $6 ea. I buy them in bulk.

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