Page Per Day Challenge: which notebook?

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To continue our Page Per Day Challenge series, today’s post is for those of you who have decided to use a notebook (or are thinking about it) as your daily book. In a previous post I detailed the pros and cons of using an undated notebook vs a dated day per page planner, and in yesterday’s post I compared the variety of dated day per page planners for folks who will use those. If you prefer the freedom of undated pages, read on.

Quo Vadis makes a variety of notebooks in different sizes, lined or blank, all with the spectacular Clairefontaine paper. You’re sure to find one you love.

The Habana notebooks come in pocket, medium (slightly larger than A5) and large sizes, lined or blank, in a variety of cover colors. Their superior paper gives a wonderful writing experience, and their other features like a soft-feel cover, rounded corners and elastic strap make it excellent to carry with you everywhere.

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Two of the most important questions to ask yourself are: lined or blank pages? And which size?

If you’ll be mostly writing, you’ll probably want the guidance of lined pages. But if you’ll mainly be sketching or sticking things in, blank pages are nice.

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Size definitely matters when it comes to your notebook. Do you want to carry it with you everywhere you go? You’ll probably want a pocket size. Do you normally carry a bag and want plenty of page space? The medium size is my preference, for these reasons.

One good thing about using a notebook as your daily book is that you will go through several in a year, so you can use whichever notebook suits the time of year: small and portable for on-the-go summer months, larger for long winter evenings when you’ll have more time to spend on your book.

In my post Using Your Planner With A Notebook I discuss some of these issues, along with use ideas. I hope this helps you choose the right notebook for you!

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2 thoughts on “Page Per Day Challenge: which notebook?

  1. I’ve been journaling in a Moleskine Large Daily for the last 2 years, but I sometimes have trouble using the space effectively, and the hard cover makes it less easy to squeeze in a bag.

    I might try the undated Exacompta lined 5×7 journal. It has a simpler version of the Textagenda/Notor layout, it’s soft cover and I think 5×7 is a great size. I just can’t tell if it has enough pages for a complete year.

    • Hi Bree, it says 200 sheets of paper x 2 sides = 400 pages so it’ll be plenty to give you one page per day for the whole year. I used one of these books years ago and loved it, but now I can’t remember if I used it every day all year to know for sure if it lasted all year. I have these same journals but with blank pages, they say 192 sheets not 200, but even so that makes 384 pages so it’s plenty for a page each day. I wrote about these journals here: I hope this helps! 🙂

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