Lost History, Found

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At least once a year I get into a frenzy of cleaning and organization of my personal files and papers.  One box I went through contained all my planners or refills back to 1982.  My cleaning stopped short as I sat down and went through them.  I saw names I hadn’t seen (or thought of) in years; remembered trips and events–some of them life-changing–from my vantage point of the far future.

I also saw a lot of names of people and places I had absolutely no recollection of at all, and wondered why they were so important to me.  I also saw changes in my hand-writing over the years–another mystery.

Reading, reminiscing and just flipping through my old datebooks brought back old emotions, raised some questions, and generally served as a chronicle which matched–but not exactly–my own memory.

What happens to you when you read your old planners?



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