Quo Vadis planners spotted in bookstores

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Last month while visiting family in the US I had the chance to browse a few bookstores. I was very pleased to see several Quo Vadis academic year planners!

The Indiana Memorial Union bookstore at Indiana University had a good selection of Quo Vadis Textagenda (daily) and Scholar (weekly) planners in several cover options: Noir (shown in the photo above), spiral-bound Python and smooth Texas. By the way, the Noir and Python cover planners were all sold out about this time last year, so if you’re thinking of getting one, act fast!

I went to a Barnes and Noble bookstore (for the first time in about 10 years) and I have to admit they didn’t have as many planners as I expected. I remember B&N as being a great place to shop for planners. Maybe it’s better near the end of the year? There were a few academic year planners available, including a few Textagendas, and a table of 2016 planners.

Where do you like to shop for planners?



4 thoughts on “Quo Vadis planners spotted in bookstores

  1. At our B & N all we have are Textagenda and Scholar (so far). I use Trinote, so I always have to order mine. I get it through Writers’ Bloc.

  2. Same selection at Barnes and Noble here, with Textagenda (in aqua and pink), Scholar (aqua and pink), Space 24 (red and black), and Journal 21 (red and black). Here in the middle of the US (Nebraska) pretty much anything in quality stationery has to be purchased online.

  3. Barnes and Noble is where I buy mine. They have a limited selection though, usually the Textagenda, Scholar, Space 24, and Journal 21.

  4. Nota bene, in Montreal. This place is a stationery as I could imagine it is: a lot of pens, a lot of erasers, a lot of paper, notebooks, agenda, etc. The owner is very friendly as well as the employees.
    I guess they have whatever I want (…and don’t especially need, lol).
    QV and Rhodia pads are very well represented.

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