Late-summer rituals

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Just going with the flow at Parc national de Plaisance.

Even though it’s only mid-August, I always feel like summer is starting to wind down this time of year. Students are either back in school or preparing for it; the days are starting to get a little shorter; autumn seems to be right on our doorstep along with ramped up plans.

The impending end of summer brings with it some rituals. Some are traditions like the last summer camping trip. Another is the annual quest to shop for school supplies. Others are preparations for colder weather like changing furnace filters and having the chimney cleaned.

My kids start school next week so we are keenly aware of the dwindling summer days. I’m already starting to fill in dates in my planner for school trips, holidays and birthday parties. Meanwhile we are trying to make every day eventful so we can all feel like we’ve made the most of the summer.

Do you have any end-of-summer rituals or traditions?


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