Writing Wednesday: Blank, dotted, lined or grid?

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Everyone has their personal preferences of what type of paper they like for writing: blank pages, lined, dotted, or grid.

I personally prefer blank paper for writing. I like the freedom of allowing my handwriting to flow on the page without restriction. I’m not bothered by my messy writing, and I don’t mind if my lines go crooked. I like being able to space out my lines as much as I want, because sometimes I write things between the lines.

Quo Vadis notebooks come with either blank or lined pages, and the Exacompta journals also come with grid pages as an option. Rhodia has a selection of dot-grid pads and notebooks.

Our planners have lined pages, with the exception of the Rhodia planners which have a grid page each week for lists, notes, charts and sketches.

What type of paper do you prefer for writing? What about for sketching/ drawing?

8 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: Blank, dotted, lined or grid?

  1. WHITE paper! I prefer WHITE paper! 😉 Honestly, I like all of them for different reasons. I just wish more companies made bright white options. *COUGHHABANAS*

  2. I’ve started to like grid after a few months of using a planner that had it. Unless college lined, I could do without most lined pages (remind me too much of school). Blank pages make my handwriting start to curve upwards, like it’s “trying to fly off the page,” as my mom would say.

  3. Lined, followed by dot. Given the size of my nibs and my script, grid is too constricting and blank results in wasted space as I slant up or down the page or simply wander. For me, blank is for plotting manuscripts when I want to wander in all directions.

  4. My stuff is pretty boring being not the creative type so I’m sticking with my pines. I have a Rhodia with all blank pages but find myself hesitant to jump in with a doodle or more free form lettering. I need to overcome that and if I could I think I could spend more time with my pens and ink.

  5. I love dotted for my daily graphic journal. But PLEASE don’t forget wonderful Leuchtturm 1917 who produce notebooks with beautiful paper plain, lined or dotted (punktcarriert).

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