What makes you feel organized?

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Different people have different definitions of “organized.” If the average person looked around my house, they might not think I am very organized. I’m a pile-er. I stack things where I can see them, otherwise I’ll forget about them. I know where all my stuff is, but someone else might not find my system obvious. Whatever you do, don’t look in my closets!

But on paper, I’m extremely organized. When I pull out my planner in front of someone they inevitably say, “Wow, you are very busy – and very organized!” I have my tasks, schedule, and priorities all down on paper. I know where my kids need to go, what they need, and what’s going on each day. And if I’m especially organized that week, I even have meals planned.

What makes you feel organized?

3 thoughts on “What makes you feel organized?

  1. Organising is for wimps.
    On paper I am extremely organised. However, once on paper, or even on my tablet, doesn’t help if you don’t. Look at it afterwords.
    I am trying to make the system work for me, but so far…


  2. Yes! I’m constantly amazed at how many people look at my morning planning posts on instagram and comment how organized I am. I see my piles, the dust bunnies who threaten to take over, the stray litter my foster kittens and cats track… and yes. on paper I am tidy and organized!

    All of that true, I do like a tidy desk when i sit down to focus on work. Fostering kittens has turned that from less of a “would be nice” into a requirement as they love to borrow paper and pens whenever they get a chance. Surfing a stack of papers and seeing how far they can slide is also tons of fun. I don’t need or want everything put away (I’ll forget about it) but I do like my piles stacked and what isn’t needed put away.

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