Time management Monday: Decision time

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I’ve read several articles on decision making and decision fatigue. My favorite article on this topic is this one from several years ago that describes how your brain gets fatigued from making decisions. It suggests that it’s best to make important decisions early in the day, or after you’ve eaten so you can make good choices.

I wrote recently on the effects of decision fatigue, and how to take meaningful breaks to give your brain a rest. In this post, I’ll give you some tips on working around decision fatigue so you can make choices during your brain’s optimal time.

If you keep in mind that your brain’s capacity to make decisions decreases 1) with every decision you make, 2) during the course of the day, and 3) when you are hungry, you can plan your day accordingly.

The bottom line is, make your important decisions during times when you are feeling refreshed, and not rushed. These types of important decisions can be anything from financial investments to meal planning.

Block out time in the morning before you’ve had to make thousands of decisions to do your major brain-crunching. Also use this time to decide how you are going to schedule your day and week, and anything else you can do ahead of time.

Then during times when your brain is over its decision-making capacity, you don’t have to decide anything. You can cruise along as you work your plan. Making decisions early allows you to focus and get things done later.

Do you find you get decision fatigue? How do you work around it?

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