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What store do you think should carry Quo Vadis planners, but doesn’t? We’d like to know where you shop that carries other brands of planners and organizers but doesn’t currently carry Quo Vadis. Online and brick-and-mortar retailer suggestions are welcome!

Quo Vadis planners are currently available online and in a selection of stores (you can find a store near you here).

Please leave a comment to let us know where you would like to be able to buy Quo Vadis planners. Thanks for your suggestions!

4 thoughts on “Suggest a store?

  1. I am very fortunate that a local pen shop in my area carries QV and all the products. I hesitate to recommend a big box store, because I don’t want the local shops to lose business. I wish QV would work with Barnes & Noble to expand the options at their stores. They used to carry an entire display stand full of QV.
    What about Hallmark?

  2. I’m in the southeast USA. The nearest QV retailers to me, other than Barnes & Noble, are 2 hours away. So I would like to see QV products in Staples/Office Depot (30 minutes away from me); I would be thrilled to find them at Walmart (10 min), but that’s probably impossible. I would also like it if B&N (40 minutes) would carry more than the Scholar and Textagenda. I want to be able to buy the Hebdo locally. I have one local office supply store in my area, but their planner section is extremely limited.

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