Non-English planners?

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We would like to know if our US customers would be interested in non-English editions of Quo Vadis planners, and if so which languages and which planners?

Quo Vadis planners are available in several countries around the world in different languages. The Quo Vadis UK website offers a selection of non-English planners for international shipping, although these do take longer to ship than the usual stock of planners.

Would US customers be interested in buying non-English planners? If so, which ones? Please post a comment, and thanks for any suggestions!

7 thoughts on “Non-English planners?

  1. Emi – I will check to see if any US retailers ordered Japanese-English editions. If not, you can purchase them from Quo Vadis/Japan.

    J. Alcantara – Can you please recommend some stores in Brazil for Quo Vadis France to contact? Thank you!

    • Dear Mrs Doherty,
      My apologies for the delay in replying. I think FNAC would be the best option for the distribution of Clairefontaine products in Brazil. They are very active in the cultural life of Brazil and would be an excellent channel to promote these fabulous papers. I believe FNAC’s headquarters are located in France. I am going to find out and will let you know. In the meantime, I will be contacting some people who could give an indication on potential partners in the country. I dream of having Rhodia products available in Brazil. I have bought mine in New York. We’ll keep in touch.

  2. I ended up choosing the abp1 over hobonichi cousin because of the English language and no wasted space with a quote.

  3. Thank you for bringing up this subject! I am Japanese living in US, so I will be very happy if I can purchase Japanese Business or Executive in US. Their edition of Business and Executive come with monthly view and US holidays in English and Japanese holidays in Japanese and/or English. I have purchased Japanese editions through Quo Vadis UK, I didn’t have any issue, but it’s kind of time consuming.

  4. There is a huge market for Quo Vadis planners in Brazil. Actually there are no elaborate planners/diaries in the country. If you have them printed in Portuguese, carrying the quality of Clairefontaine papers, you can start opening the bottle of champaign.

  5. I don’t think so. I think it would depend on the planner and if I can deal with the other language. I am currently using the abp1 and love it. I had to order a may designs book to have a monthly view and then a 3rd book for a weekly layout. I may go hobonichi cousin route to have all three in one book, I am trying to convince myself to deal with the Japanese.

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