New products for 2017!

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Here’s some exciting news from the annual Quo Vadis North American meeting!

Due to popular demand, the 2017 Minister weekly planners will include monthly planning pages! This is great for folks who like monthly overviews for forward planning.

Time and Life planners will be available for 2017! You might remember I reviewed these awhile back, they have a great weekly layout with all seven days as full size columns. I don’t know yet if they will be available in the medium (6 1/4 inches square) and large (6 1/4 by 9 3/8 inches) sizes, or just large. Which size would you prefer?

Another new addition to the US product lineup for 2017 will be the Soft & Color planners and notebooks. These come in a variety of colors and sizes, and have a flexible binding that allows them to lie flat and even bend back on themselves. These are currently available from Quo Vadis UK, you can see the range here.

I’m very excited about these new additions to the Quo Vadis US lineup! What do you like the looks of?

9 thoughts on “New products for 2017!

  1. No abp/1 for 2017? Ugh. Time to start looking for a new planner and NO, it will not be the Journal 21 or any other Quo Vadis product. No abp/1, no $$$ from me.

    • Unfortunately yes. It was discontinued in the US lineup a few years ago, and was available from a few US retailers from Quo Vadis Canada. But QV Canada has also discontinued the ABP1 so they are no longer produced. Unfortunately sales were too low to continue production. I know people who use the ABP1 really like it, but unfortunately the numbers just weren’t enough to be cost effective.

  2. Some answers to everyone’s questions:
    -Robert le heros notebooks and planners have been discontinued in the US due to poor sales.
    -Minister is scheduled to get monthly planning pages. Minister will join Hebdo, Space 24, Space 17 and Journal 21 with monthly planning. Hopefully more editions will be added to this group soon.
    Best to all. Karen

  3. I was wondering if there will be Robert le Heros design coming back for the planner covers. I really like the unique cover of Robert le Heros. It shows personality instead of plain colors.

  4. Will it just be the Ministers that will get monthly pages, or will the Academic Ministers get some monthly love too?

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