How long have you been using your Quo Vadis planner?

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Tracie’s Journal 21 planners since 2007

We love hearing from customers who have been using the same Quo Vadis planners for 5, 10, 15 or more years. We appreciate the customer loyalty, and are happy that our products work so well for people throughout their lives.

One great example of this is Tracie’s Featured Reader post showing how she’s been using her Journal 21 day per page planners since 2007. If you haven’t seen her post, you can go see it here. It’s a beautiful post showing how she has used her Journal 21 planners over the years for planning and journaling.

Customers who have used Quo Vadis planners for a long time tell us the reasons why they keep coming back: the excellent, fountain pen-friendly paper; the effective time management formats; our environmental commitment. And mainly because Quo Vadis planners work so well and are so pleasant to use.

How long have you been using Quo Vadis planners? What keeps you coming back to them year after year? Please post a comment!

One thought on “How long have you been using your Quo Vadis planner?

  1. I am in my third year of using the Quo Vadis President and have already purchased one for 2016, so that will make 4 years in 2016. I keep coming back because of the pure white paper, the environmental friendliness of the company, made in the USA (my home country), and I love maps in the back. My favorite features is the sewn binding so that the planner is completely flat when open. I also use QV because when I purchase, I am supporting my local pen and stationary shop. I was tempted to try another format for 2016 but decided to stick with the President.

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