Feature Focus: Anno-planner

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Anno planner

The anno-planner (shown in the photo above) is one of my favorite features in Quo Vadis planners. All twelve months are represented as columns with a line for each day. Holidays are printed on the days, and there is a Priority box at the top of each month.

The anno-planner is similar to the monthly columns I showed in a previous Feature Focus, but the difference is you can see the entire year across a two-page spread. This truly gives you the big-picture overview of your entire year, allowing you to see holidays, vacations, school breaks, upcoming projects and deadlines all in one view.

Planners with anno-planning pages include the Trinote, President, Minister and Prenote weekly desk planners, and the Textagenda day per page planners.

How do you like to use your anno-planner?

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