Time management Monday: Monthly tasks

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Monthly tasks

Most of us write daily to-do lists, and many use weekly task lists. But do you have monthly task lists? Here’s why they are a good idea.

It might seem counterproductive to write tasks into a month. After all, tasks are actionable items, and a month is a very large time frame. But monthly tasks are important because they are long-range tasks. Usually monthly tasks are recurring annual tasks, like pet vaccinations and insurance renewals. When you know in which month these items need done, you can write them into the appropriate month for next year. (The upcoming year’s anno-planner is perfect for this.)

Monthly lists keep those recurring events from sneaking up on you or passing by unnoticed. The list might include changing the batteries in your smoke and CO2 detectors (I do ours each May) and changing furnace filters if you have them.

Monthly lists are also good reminders for things to do every month, like backing up your hard drive and checking your car’s tire pressure.

Do you write monthly tasks?


6 thoughts on “Time management Monday: Monthly tasks

  1. Absolutely I use monthly tasks. That is one of the many things I love about my Space 24, the fact that there are the monthly calendars as well as the yearly anno calendars. I use the monthly tasks for things like birthdays, cars due for service, medical appointments, smoke alarm batteries, when to get which credit report from which company, etc. I have as many tasks like this as I do the daily or weekly ones, maybe more. One thing I’ve never understood, though, is what those tiny little boxes are in the yearly anno planner. I would love to have that question answered!

  2. It’s very helpful for those long-range doctor appointments, too. Women know how much easier it is to schedule annual stuff as they’re finishing with the current round of maintenance.

  3. I definitely use a monthly planner. It helps me with Birthdays, filter changes as you mentioned, dental maintenance and the like. I refer to it multiple times a week to see what’s coming up next week and make sure my daily calendar is aligned or the task is on my daily to do list.

  4. Sorry everyone for the misspelled words above! That’s what I get for trying to post blog comments from my phone! I meant “forward,” and “could.”

  5. I tend to write firward monthly tasks in the “priority” boxes of my daily columns, but I love the idea of using the anno planner for monthly tasks! One coukd also use the “receipts” and “payments” pages for monthly tasks, if not using those for the finance accounting.

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