Time management Monday: combining electronic and paper planning

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Recently a reader contacted me to ask for advice on combining paper and electronic planning. I didn’t really have much advice for him because I’m all paper all the time with my planning now.

Previously when I worked in a corporate office, we all had to use Outlook so we could schedule meetings with each other. For my personal life I used a paper planner. My work and personal lives were completely separate, except for the rare occasion like having a doctor’s appointment during work hours. So it was fine for me to have separate work and personal planning systems.

My only advice I can offer if you are using both electronic and paper planning systems is the same as if you are using more than one paper planning system: make sure they are always synchronized. When you update one, be sure to update the other.

There are loads of resources online about using paper and electronic planning systems together: blogs, Facebook groups, etc.

Do you use both electronic and paper planning systems? What are your tips?

4 thoughts on “Time management Monday: combining electronic and paper planning

  1. Switched to a Passion Planner this year as Quo Vadis no longer offered the 18-month planners that start in July / August and run the entire following year.

    So, advance planning goes in the Passion Planner, with daily To-Do’s in a Day-Timer. Critical tasks like the dog’s medicine, and items repeated daily go in “ToDo Cloud” on an iPhone.

  2. I use both too, and can’t live without either. I live in iCal (google calendar feeds into it) and manage everything appointment and travel wise through the apps, which I share with my husband and assistant. But I also have a daily planner (currently a Hobonichi Techno, but I used a Space 24 for 5 years) which I use as both a diary and journal, as well as to do list and appointments, travel, etc. I am crazy for redundancies, so it’s no skin off my nose to keep track of things in both, but I look at the paper planner as an extension of the online version, as a way to expand on my day and the events in my calendar. My iCal might have the times, but the Techno has the details, how it went, what I thought. I love the searchability of online, and love being able to go back in time and see how I felt about said events. So both works for me.

  3. I agree with your advice about keeping both in synchrony. On busy days, I add my lab tasks to my online task manager, but they get logged in my planner first, which is what I have on hand when planning my days/weeks. When I RSVP for a seminar/meeting on Outlook or I have a non-work event (usually invited via social media or text), the date and time also go into my planner. In summary, my paper planner is the central hub, and my electronics act as input and output. Of course, YMMV, and I might change my planning ways in the future.

    Oh, thanks for that wonderful picture of the Minister. Gives me ideas on how to use my Septanote once I go purchase it in a few weeks.

  4. Laurie, I do keep both and have been for a couple years. Actually three. Corporate Outlook similar to your example. Google Calendar so I always have it with me and my real planner a paper A5 size month at a glance. My strictly work appointments only end up in Outlook but personal doc visits, kids’ activities end up in all three. It’s some duplication or triplication of effort sometimes but it’s worth it to me as I rarely miss an appointment.

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