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Hand-written notes are a treasure, especially in these days of emails and texts. The note could be a thank you for dinner, job interview or gift; or a note of encouragement to a friend or family member going through an illness or difficult period. It could also be a note to simply tell someone you love or appreciate them, in a form they will keep and reread.

You can also write a note – never meaning to send – to articulate your feelings about a betrayal, hurt or injustice. The act of writing can help to bring closure or some emotional relief.

Would you like to send a note to someone?

If yes, please comment on this post. I will send two G. Lalo notes/envelopes to the first 20 or so people who comment.


24 thoughts on “Send a Note

  1. I love sending and receiving handwritten notes! I don’t have many friends who use snail mail so I send postcards to my mom 🙂

  2. Sending handwritten notes is something I aspire to do more of. Maybe after trying out the note cards,it’ll give me the motivation to continue!

    Love this website!

  3. Yes, I send notes and leave them on people’s tables. Love to do such things, it makes both of us happy and is a win-win scenario.

  4. I love writing notes. I am sending one today to my daughter. She has been living in her own place for over a year now, and I try to send her a little note about once a week.

  5. I like these a lot. Very simple and elegant. I love sending handwritten notes–family, friends, and even strangers!

  6. I would like to send a note to a family member of mine. She’s busy with postgrad education just like me. 🙂

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