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Reader Madhuri very kindly agreed to review a Notor day per page planner for us! Thanks so much for your review and suggestions Madhuri!

I have been using the Notor for about 10 days now, and it is quite the powerhouse. I am including my thoughts below, as requested.

The paper quality is amazing. The white color of the paper is a good background for any color ink. I have used a both ballpoint pens as well as gel pens with somewhat thick lines, and the paper holds up very well. There is a some ghosting, but that does not bother me.

Having gotten used to the Franklin Covey 2 page per day system, and having spent almost half an year in one, I decided to stick it out with the Franklin, on the Planning part. I am using the Notor for journalling/record-keeping. So my Franklin system is my forward planning system, and the Notor has filled in quite well for the retrospective look at my days. I note events/items of importance in the priority box. Other items related to health and fitness in the Notes section. I use the lined part of the pages for keeping notes on what I did at work, important “recall” information such as my son having an ear infection and the dosages given for medicines and so on. It is proving to be quite handy!

I am not using the Schedule part of the Notor much because my Notor is my journal and I do not need to maintain any schedule information there. Also, being an office worker with 15 minute and 30 minute appointments/meetings, the hourly schedule of the Notor does not provide me the room I need to note my meetings. Perhaps that could be a suggestion? To leave the schedule area blank so people can fill in their own schedules and not have the hours pre-printed?

I thought the blue highlight for the Priority and Notes section would be distracting, but it is not! I rather enjoy having them to call my attention to those boxes. I just have to be sure to put the right information there.

All in all, I am enjoying using the Notor and Thank you again!

For next year, I might try to move to a bigger size. My writing tends to be big, so a bigger size planner from the Quo Vadis line might suit my style more.

Hope this helps.

Recently we had another review of the Notor planner, by Jane in her Featured Reader post. I love seeing how people use their planners.

Have you used a Notor planner? What do you think of it?

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  1. Notor was my first QuoVadis planner years ago, and I just loved it. That was when the printing was all a pale grey, and it was great. Subtle and non-glaring. You could write over various sections with colors if you’d like. It was soothing. I HATE the ugly blue that you use now. On some Notors that I have seen, it is not at all crisp and actually was blurry in places with the color running. It is ugly, ugly, ugly. And you can’t write in just any color you want to because it might clash. I still love QuoVadis planners and do very well with the ones I am using now, but I definitely miss my old-style Notor. I don’t have many meetings, but I do have lots of notes and to dos, so it worked really well for me. I would still use it as an extra planner for notes if it wasn’t this ugly blue.

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