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You might remember last week Stu reviewed the Visual weekly planner he won on our recent giveway. Now another winner, Fred, has posted his Visual review on his blog Sparetime.Today!

Some of Fred’s first impressions: “The size is 8 1/4 by 6 inches, which makes it easy to put in a smaller bag, carry around, and not feel like it’s huge. This planner is very efficient.” He goes on to show lots of great photos of the interior features, and describe how he’s using it. You can click here to see Fred’s entire review.

Thanks so much for the great review Fred, we’re so glad you love your new planner!

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  1. These Visual reviews make me nostalgic. I used this format for 5 years in the Soho cover. I miss that tinted paper and the way the planner was slender, but bendy.

    Sadly, I’ve outgrown it, but I loved it while I had it.

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