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No I’m not talking about websites to compare insurance rates. I want to show you a couple of websites I like: MapFight and Diffen.

MapFight ( allows you to compare countries and US states by superimposing their outlines on each other. It’s fascinating to see what’s about the same size, and what’s much bigger or smaller.

For example I grew up in Indiana, which according to MapFight is 1.2 times as big as the country of Scotland, where I’m living now. A showdown between the United States vs the United Kingdom shows the US is 40.48 times bigger than the UK. MapFight is fun to play around on, and of course educational too.

Diffen ( says it can compare anything. It’s useful for quick comparisons (like the difference between mitosis and meiosis, grammatical terms, etc.).

In the online planner world there is some debate when describing a planner staying open by itself on a surface: does it “lay flat” or “lie flat?” The answer is, you lay the planner on the desk (transitive verb) where it lies flat (intransitive verb). I have to admit I’ve been confused about that in the past and I’m happy to have it cleared up for me!

Do you know of any other comparison websites?

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