How to use your planner as a weight loss tool

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An important part of reaching any goal is to track your progress, so you can see which methods are effective and what needs improvement. Three proven methods to help reach weight loss goals are regular weigh-ins to track your weight, keeping a food diary to track your nutrition, and an exercise log to track your physical fitness. In this post I’ll show you ways to use your planner to track all of these conveniently.

The Journal 21 day per page planner gives you space for tracking weight, food and exercise all in one book. The large daily pages give you plenty of room every day to journal your meals and write your exercise details.

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The Journal 21 planner also has month per page calendars. These are a great place to track your exercise so you can see at a glance how many miles you’ve run or biked, whether you are getting the right balance of strength and cardio, and which days are your rest days.


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The Journal 21 has monthly columns with three months per page and a line for each day. This is the perfect place to track your weight. The six-month overview allows you to easily see weight trends.


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The pocket size Space 17 weekly planner is another great planner for tracking weight loss. Its week plus notes format gives you space to briefly note exercise or meals, and plenty of space for notes on how you felt during exercise, and any accomplishments or setbacks that week.


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The Space 17 also has monthly calendars for an easy overview of exercise.


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The Space 17 planner also has monthly columns for weight tracking.


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The Space 17 is pocket size so it’s easy to take with you to the gym. If you like the features but want a larger size, you’ll want the Space 24. It also has a week plus notes format with month grid and monthly columns calendars.

Another planner that allows you to track food intake, exercise and weight easily in one book is the Notor (January-December) or Textagenda (August-July) day per page planner. Each of these planners has the same daily format with a full page for each day. The page is divided into spaces that give you plenty of space for your food diary (in the lined space) and exercise (in the Notes box at the bottom of the page). Having designated spaces allows you to easily see on each page what you ate and the exercise you accomplished.


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These planners also have year overview pages where you can record your weight. Having the entire year across a two-page spread will allow you to easily see weight trends. You’ll be able to see if your weight tends to fluctuate at certain times of the year (so you know when to step up your efforts!).


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Do you use your planner to track food, exercise, and/ or weight? What works for you?

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