Time management Monday: Planning for summer

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Summertime is upon us! It’s time for fun and sun. A little forward planning will set you up for a great summer.

Get out your planner and look at the weeks ahead to see what’s coming up. What’s already scheduled in?

  • If you are going away on vacation, write a countdown in your planner with tasks scheduled in the weeks before you go, so you don’t have to do everything at the last minute.
  • If your kids are going to camp or activities, review the lists of things they need so you have plenty of time to shop for anything you don’t already have. This includes replacing outgrown shoes, swimsuits, uniforms etc. Avoid last-minute panic shopping!
  • If you’ll have an intense time at work over the summer months, do what you can to make your life outside of work easier. Try not to schedule big events at the same time as busy work weeks.

Here are some ways to keep things simple at home:

Create tote bags for each activity, and keep items in them for grab-and-go convenience:

  • When swimsuits are dry, pop them in a tote bag along with sunscreen, goggles and beach towels so you’re ready for the pool or beach in minimal time.
  • Keep sports shoes, uniforms and equipment in a bag so there’s no searching before you go out the door.
  • Keep a library bag for rainy days. When books are finished, they go straight into the bag so they are ready to exchange.
  • I have my kids create their own “car-tertainment” bags with things to keep them occupied on car journeys. Books, games, handheld devices, water bottles and snacks keep them busy and happy on the go.

Keep summertime meals simple. I know the last thing I want to do when it’s nice outside is to spend hours in the kitchen. The key to keeping everyone fed during the summer is to empower them to make their own food. Keep fruit and sandwich-making supplies stocked so hungry kids can help themselves to easy, healthy meals (without bugging you for food or living off cereal all summer).

What are your tips for making summertime relaxing and fun?


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