Time management Monday: dealing with “mosquitoes”

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Mosquitos swarming in the sunlight

In a Free For All Friday post last month on Philofaxy, Amanda from Paper Pens Ink shared how she deals with “mosquitoes”: those annoying little tasks that seem to build up if not taken care of right away.

Amanda’s method is to schedule time each day to take care of her mosquitoes. This is a great way to make sure you keep up on them.

My days are more unpredictable, so I keep a running list of mosquitoes and take care of them whenever I can fit them into my day. The problem with this is they can be easier to push off with no set time to do them. I set a deadline for each one to make sure I don’t leave them too long.

How do you deal with your “mosquitoes?”

One thought on “Time management Monday: dealing with “mosquitoes”

  1. Well,

    procrastination will be the word, I’m afraid.
    When I have enough time to snap them, or bored by a big task, I take care of them. Sometimes I discover they’ve “died by themselves”, sometimes I can work on them. Then I’m pretty happy because it seems my days was efficient. So many little tasks done! Of course, the big task didn’t move 😉

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