Featured Reader: Tracie’s Journal 21 planners

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Continuing our Featured Reader series, today Tracie lets us look inside her Journal 21 planners. She’s been using the Journal 21 as her planner and journal for several years, and she very generously has shared details with us. Many thanks to Tracie for sharing this with us!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a 53 year old single lady who has been engaged in a career change the past couple of years. I am a mom of two sons Pat 26, soon to be 27 and Connor 20. They continue to be my heart and soul. I spent about 13 years in the photography industry with one of the leading photograpy companies in the country. Wanting more stability and security, I acquired my license to sell life insurance. I never said it was logical! I totally believe all endeavors are part of our life’s journey. While they may not turn out the way we plan, each has a purpose. That said, I am still in the insurance industry, only on the health side. Completely enjoying the process of learning and change.

How long have you been using Quo Vadis planners and/ or notebooks?

Since 2007.

IMG_5461 (2)

IMG_5463 (2)

Which Quo Vadis planners and/ or notebooks are you using now?

Journal 21 (have I said I love it?)

Please tell us some details on how you are using it.

I use my Journal 21 as a planner mostly. I love that it has a full page for each day. Especially for Saturday and Sunday.

When I was working as a photographer, I worked almost every weekend. Having those pages for my job information was vital. I could include the details of the job, start time, end time, address and any relevant information to that specific job. I could also include daily mileage, hotel information (if I was staying out of town) and notes for the day.

IMG_5467 (2)

I also use the same journal for personal things that I need to notate on that particular date. I include important dates I need to remember:

IMG_5471 (2)

or want to remember:

IMG_5477 (2)

or just something fun:

IMG_5469 (2)

as well as things and events I love:

IMG_5476 (2)

or enjoyed:

IMG_5475 (2)

What is your favorite Quo Vadis product?

Journal 21. When I started collecting my Journal 21 planners, I was mostly concerned with acquiring a new one for the year. I kept getting a different color. As I look at them, I realize I have a latent OCD gene and I want to go and buy them all one color cover!

What is the future for paper planners?

I hope they grow in popularity. The written word, will always be vital to civilization.

Are the Quo Vadis planner formats still useful or do we need to develop other kinds of layouts? (and if so what are your suggestions?)

I would be crushed if you ever change MY Journal 21!

What are your biggest time management challenges?

Like everything in life, just making a fair amount of time to do the things necessary for a job, for growth in both personal and work related, and time with family and friends.

Thanks again so much to Tracie for sharing her Journal 21 pages with us!

If you would like to be a Featured Reader here on Quo Vadis blog, please email me at: laurie (at) quovadisplanners (dot) com. We’d love to see how you use your Quo Vadis planner and/ or notebook!

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  1. Tracie, thank you for your story! I have been using my Journal 21 for gratitude lists but am thinkong about using one as my “go to” planner next year in 2016. Your stack of colors looks awesome, and I’m sure they are real treasures.

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