Writing Wednesday: catching up in your journal

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Glencoe Scotland

Glencoe, Scotland

Over the Easter weekend my family and I went to Glencoe, the spectacularly scenic valley in Scotland where movie scenes from films such as Braveheart, Harry Potter and many more have been filmed. We’ve been there many times over the years, and I just love it there. There are some things we like to do every time we go (like visit the Sea Life Sanctuary and see the Glenfinnan viaduct as seen in the Harry Potter movies) but we always make sure to do new things too.

This time the weather was great and it was light until nearly 9pm each evening so we packed all kinds of fun stuff into our weekend getaway. As most people who keep a journal have experienced, the more there is to write about, the less time I have to write. So to make sure I captured the memories, I jotted short versions of what we did each day in my planner. Now that we’re home I’ll fill in the details in my journal.

Ray Blake has an excellent Journalling School series on his blog My Life All In One Place. Session 3 is how to catch up in your journal if you need to account for long spans of time (weeks, months or even years). It’s very effective and not nearly as labor intensive as you would think. I’ve used his method in the past when I had several months to catch up in my journal.

How do you catch up in your journal if it’s been a long time since you’ve written?

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  1. I am envious!!

    I had the same thing just yesterday. I am using a day perpage as a daily journal this year, and was looking at it yesterday. I found that I was missing 4 days, in late March and early April. I do use a X Slim Guildford pocket Filofax as a everyday carry, in which I keep a home made week on two pages calender, then make a lot of notes on blank pages each day. I was able to go back and flesh out each of the days I missed with a real good picture. The notes are just enough to trigger what I need to remember. I was rather pleased at how well it worked.

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