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Ree geit - Roe deer female

I’m very lucky to live in an area where I see wildlife daily. Around our house we get forest birds, shore birds, ground birds and raptors. In the surrounding fields I see roe deer, foxes, rabbits and the occasional pine marten.

Especially at this time of year there’s a lot going on. Birds are nesting so I see them gathering materials to build nests and invertebrates to feed their chicks, while the parents fuel themselves up at our feeders. Also the flowers are blooming so the bees and butterflies are back in our garden.

I love to note nature observations and compare year to year when the daffodils bloomed, when the oystercatchers came back, and when the trees in our yard start leafing out. This year things are coming out relatively early because we had a very mild winter. A couple of years ago we had a cold and snowy winter so everything came out late. It’s really variable, which is interesting.

When we first moved here I thought I would like to keep all my nature observations in a separate notebook, but I found it was more convenient to jot them in my everyday-carry book. Now my nature notes are interspersed with my to-do lists and random thoughts, which I like because it paints a more complete picture of what’s going on in my life and all around me at the moment.

Do you note nature observations? If so, do you write them in your everyday book, or in a separate book?

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  1. I use a Field Notes notebook to record nature observations. I keep it in my bag usually – or in the car if we are on a drive. It’s easy to just slip into a backpack when we go hiking. I also keep a Write in the Rain notebook in our backpack at all times, so if I forget the Field Notes or the weather is nasty, we can still write it all down.

  2. I tuck a small notebook in my bag when I go out walking. Later I will transfer any notes to my word processed journal, which I print out once a week. I also snap digital photographs and insert those into the journal. If I make a sketch or come across something odd, I’ll either tear the page out of my notebook and punch it to go in the journal binder, or I’ll put it in a baggie and punch that to go in the binder.

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