Where do you buy your planners?

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Last December we had a question from a reader asking where to buy Quo Vadis planners. The answer is, there are many ways to buy them, both online and in brick and mortar stores. Unfortunately the reality for planners in general is that fewer stores are stocking planners on their shelves. The good news though, is the entire Quo Vadis selection is available online.

It seems every day online I read about people who used to by their planners in their local shop but that store has either closed or no longer carries planners. I bought my first Quo Vadis planner (a Septanote) at the IU bookstore, but now I see from our interactive map there are no stores in Indiana selling Quo Vadis planners anymore, which is too bad.

In an ideal world, you could see and touch a planner in real life to help decide whether or not to buy it.  It’s also fun to discover a planner you’ve never seen before in a store. Happily, we have been able to re-introduce Quo Vadis planners to many stores due to customer demand.

Do you buy your planners in brick and mortar stores, or online? Did you buy them in stores in the past but are no longer able to?

3 thoughts on “Where do you buy your planners?

  1. Usually online from Classic Office Products. I agree with the above poster about their great service and it’s the only place I’ve found the Quo Vadis ABP1.

  2. I bought my first Quo Vadis planner at our local Barnes & Noble store years ago and fell in love with both the planner and the paper. I would probably never have known about it if I hadn’t just happened to see it in the store. I have tried various ones over the years, including Notor, Journal 21, and Notes 27, then happily settled on the Space 24. Unfortunately, I can not find them locally anymore. The last few years I’ve purchased from Classic Office Products and they give exceptional service. No matter how small the order, they treat you like their very most important customer and my order is always accurate and arrives promptly. I do not like paying the extra $ 7.95 shipping, but it is worth it just to still be able to have my Space 24.

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