What ONE Thing Would You Get Rid Of..?

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If you could, what would you get rid of in your Quo Vadis planner?

International area codes? World temperatures? Chart of international holidays? The “new” address/events insert? Any of the maps? World time zones? Personal notes page (does this need to be revised…would anyone really put down their social security #?), Receipts & payments pages? Multiple year calendars?

What isn’t very useful to you?


8 thoughts on “What ONE Thing Would You Get Rid Of..?

  1. Thank you all for your good comments. I will raise the issue of eliminating or changing some of the planner pages at our June annual meeting.

  2. I must be the only one who loves the maps in my QVs! I have already used them several times this year, because I am visiting countries in two parts of the world where I’ve never been before. I highlight the places I visit throughout the year, even those states in my own country.
    I wish that Saturdays and Sundays had equal spaces on the monthly calendars. I wish there were monthly calendars for the entire next year to facilitate advance planning. Personally, I love all the extra pages such as dialing codes, international holidays, time zones, and receipts. That’s what makes it a comprehensive planner. In the same way that I could access such information online, I could also keep an electronic calendar, but I opt for paper.

  3. Not get rid of, just rearrange …. I’d put the monthly planning pages between ever 4 or five weekly pages, depending on the month, then I’d put tabs between each month …. this would save a lot of page turning when making notes between the monthly and weekly plan … many calendar companies are doing that …. but most of those are printed in China …. I’d like to see an American company do this …. and make an extra large 8.5 x 11 inch size for guys like me who have extra large hands.

  4. Another Trinote user – I do not use the reference pages either – maps, area codes, holiday lists can all be removed. The extra January calendar pages also seem wasteful – I love filling in my planner as soon as I can get one ordered.

    I would prefer the addition of monthly calendars instead. Additional blank/lined/graph pages somewhere would be good for making lists, adding receipts, etc as needed. As someone above mentioned, it would be great to have the 2 planning years together in the front. I also agree that I’d love to see all days get equal space – Sunday is often a work day or has plans just like any other.

    Thanks for asking!

  5. I use Minister exclusively, and would like Sunday to be a full day as opposed to relegated to the bottom. I don’t like Minister Prestige colour so..

  6. I really appreciate this question, as these temperature charts, maps, international access codes etc. are puzzling me. I don’t use them, especially because I almost have access to internet wherever I am if I need, and if not… anyway, I don’t need these infos, even if I have to admit I can consult these once a year. The personal notes is purely useless (as you note : “who will put down his social security number”). This said, on that page, I just wrote my name and phone number, in case I loose my agenda and a good soul find it and wants to give it back.
    The phone book, too, is useless for me, as everything is entered in my cell phone.
    Regarding the expense notes and so on, the reason I choose my Rhodia Weekly notebook is that I don’t have these entries.
    I think these maps, charts, on so on are relics from a time where accessing information was not as easy as now. Should they be removed? I think so. Will this have an impact on the price? I hope so. Does this last point impact on my decision of buying QV? Absolutly not.

  7. ok, apparently i can’t keep to just one thing… note: this is all tri-note based.

    my biggest wish first: I dream of each day with equal space/weight. Sundays are often normal work days for me and a narrower column for the blank boxes wouldn’t bother me at all. a fifth “blank” box at the bottom (where sunday is now) would be helpful to track weekly-based things that don’t fit in the other categories (such as habits).

    All that said — I wouldn’t mind if all the other “stuff” — the access codes, temperature, international holiday list, maps, and receipts — ended up in the removable booklet. I don’t look at them very often, unless i’m bored on a conference call!

    i would like the multi-year calendar moved to the front, for some reason that’s where i look for it even though I know it’s the very last page after the next-year’s anno-planning pages. i wouldn’t mind the january-month view of “next year” for that entire first quarter …

    Yes personal notes could probably be revised or even merged to the front page. i’ve never filled all of that out … in every notebook, i just write my initials, a way to contact me, and that there is a small reward if my notebook (trinote) is found (a handknit accessory (hat/scarf/mittens)).

    while i’m wish-listing on the tri-note, the holiday/sunday shading for anno-planning is quite dark and the holidays are nice, but makes it difficult to write over.

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