Time management Monday: Portable planning

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large and small weekly planners

Awhile back we talked about page size: larger pages are great for lots of planning and/ or creativity, but smaller pages equal a smaller book and are better for portability. The trick is finding the balance between the two.

In an ideal world, you would carry your planner around everywhere with you. But if you like a larger page for planning, it may not always be practical to carry a large planner with you.

I know some people who use a large planner at work or home, and carry a small satellite planner to capture appointments on the go. For example in the photo above is the larger Hebdo weekly planner and the smaller Sapa X, both with the same open weekly format. Having a large desk planner allows you to plan your days in detail, and the smaller planner lets you keep your schedule with you on the go. When using two planners you have to be sure to update them both regularly.

Other people I know need a large planner and they don’t mind carrying it. Some people even change planners during the year to use a larger planner during their busy times of the year and a smaller, more portable planner when they are less busy.

I also know some people who don’t carry their planner with them, on purpose, so when someone asks for a commitment they can say they have to check their planner first. That way they don’t have to make a decision on the spot.

What size planner do you use? And do you carry it everywhere with you?

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  1. I just downgraded (or upgraded?) from a Septanote desk planner to the pocket-sized Space 17. In fact, the Space 17 just arrived in the mail today and I love it. The only problem with my Septanote was that I couldn’t take it everywhere with me. The Space 17 is just big enough for me to write comfortably, and I love the monthly calendar in addition to the yearly and weekly pages. I think this one is a keeper.

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