Gardening with the Moon

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Like most people in the northeast, after this long winter I want to be outdoors and enjoy spring.  For me this means puttering around the back and front yards, thinking about the herbs, flowers and shrubs I want to plant (or replant) this year.  I enjoy the feel of the earth so much when I plant.  Over the months, I watch the plants grow, bloom and gently let go of life in the late fall. The cycles of the plants reconnect me to the earth–a much-needed peace after the bustle and craziness of the city.

Quo Vadis planners include moon phases.  I have never paid much attention to them, but for some gardeners they are extremely important. Not only does gardening stimulate a connection to the earth, but also reminds them of our connection to the sun and moon.

Johanna Paungger is an Austrian writer, naturalist and gardener who has written and lectured extensively about when to plant, weed, water and harvest based on the alignment of the moon, stars and planets.  the power of timing

Ms. Paungger comes from a long line of Tyrolian farmers, whose experience, philosophies and ancient knowledge were recorded in her book, “The Power of Timing.”  “I owe this knowledge to my grandfather,” she said, “who taught me that intuition, observance and experience are the key to many things in nature, things that cannot necessarily be explained scientifically.”

Agree, Disagree? Do you plant, prune or harvest with the moon or another natural cycle?

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  1. Absolutely! I’m down in the tropics, so I’m on a very different cycle than Austria, yet my granny’s maxim of planting greens/above ground on a waxing moon cycle and roots on a waning seems to yield results. Already have tomatoes and eggplant starting.

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