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Continuing our Featured Reader series, today we’ll see how Christel uses her Quo Vadis Memoriae recipe book!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Christel, I am 31 years old. I work for the Dutch Railway company in process management, I manage all processes related to energy (procurement, sustainability, energy efficiency and much more). I have a linguistic background, I have an MA in Celtic studies and also studied the Norwegian language and Scandinavian studies. I lived in Norway for a year to write my Bachelor thesis and follow classes in Runology, Norse mythology and Old Norse. In Oslo I rediscovered planners. My life was full of university visits, libraries and sightseeing, and I loved to write about the small things that happened during the day and my feelings about living in Norway (I fell in love with that country!).

I have a busy day job and set myself a goal to do more fun things with my partner and enjoy myself more. I write a lot to empty my head of work related things and I hulahoop for relaxation (and also for clearing my mind).

Do you have a blog/ website?

I blog at medievalboardgames.wordpress.com I write about Old Norse mythology (in Dutch) and I review Norwegian books (translated into Dutch). I started this blog in English 6 years ago to ‘force’ myself to research boardgames in Celtic and Old Norse stories, to keep in touch with my passion – Celtic and Old Norse language, stories and culture. Researching those boardgames is still the long term plan 🙂 I’ll get to it eventually… For now I write about certain themes or details in Old Norse mythology and sagas, for example mentions of clothing, food and travels to keep myself familiar with the stories. I also write about common themes in both Celtic and Old Norse mythology.

I also tweet, @wheresmydiary here I share blogposts, articles and quotes I find interesting or make me think.

How long have you been using Quo Vadis planners and/ or notebooks?

Unfortunately the Quo Vadis planners are not sold in the Netherlands, they look absolutely perfect for my needs (especially the Notor and the vertical week planners). I bought the recipe book I use now in Belgium during a holiday a few years ago.

Cover (2)

What Quo Vadis planners and/ or notebooks are you using now?

I use the Quo Vadis “My Cooking” recipe book from the Memoriae series, for my recipes. It has many different sections, I am still figuring out how to use those (I love them, though!).

Recipe 2 (2)

Please tell us some details on how you are using it.

It may sound boring, but I use it for recipes. I like the paper, the tabs and the layout.

Recipe 3 (2)

What is your favourite Quo Vadis product?

The Notor planner really speaks to me, even though I have never used it or even seen one in real life. I love the layout and the slots for appointments. The recipe book I have is wonderful as well.

recipe4 (2)

How many notebooks do you have in use at once?

I use a cheap planner with a vertical layout and a Moleskine professional notebook for work. I use a day per page Hobonichi planner for journalling and personal stuff, and a Midori passport with a monthly insert and some notebooks for my all- purpose writing needs.

For work I also heavily rely on my iPhone for my work appointments (Dutch people love meetings -or so it seems- so there are too much appointments to actually write them all down on paper, I usually only write down appointments outside of my office and/ or appointments that I need to travel for (by train, of course ;-)) I also use Evernote a lot, both for worknotes and contacts as for personal notes.

What are the most important features of a notebook for you?

I love notebooks that have elastics and pockets. I also really like tabs to keep things organised and separate. Pretty colours are also nice. Paper quality is nice to have, but not a dealbreaker as I write with all kinds of pens, usually very cheap ones because people at work always ‘borrow’ my pens and I NEVER get them back. So now I use a bic ballpoint with a broken clip, oddly enough no one wants to borrow that one… Mission accomplished, I guess. I also love multi colour pens, they seem to confuse people or my colleagues think they are not very business-like or something, they are obviously not familiar with colour coding and how useful that is for keeping your to do’s organised! They have a lot to learn. Talking about colour coding, I also like my notebooks to have lots of ‘free’ space, different sections on a page where you can write things, it makes organising your life so much easier when you have a designated section on a page to write calls you have to make, or specific deadlines or to do’s.

Thanks so much Christel! The Memoriae themed journals are available on the Quo Vadis UK website for worldwide shipping.

If you would like to be one of our Featured Readers here on Quo Vadis blog, email me at laurie (at) quovadisplanners (dot) com. We want to hear how people all over the world use their Quo Vadis planners and notebooks!

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