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I recently spoke to a woman who uses her Quo Vadis planner to record her cats’ daily food, medicine and general health. She uses the academic year calendar, and was quite concerned that she get the 2015-2016 edition as soon as possible. We reassured her it will be available in stores by the end of May or June, depending on when the local retailer ordered.

I use a planner to record bird sightings.  I keep tabs on the first robin of spring, pairs of cardinals, area hawks, and time and day hummingbirds are first spotted by the mimosa tree blossoms.

Do you include pet notes in your planner?  Do you keep a record of wildlife near your home?




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  1. I love the idea of using a planner to record wildlife sightings near home. When I think of it, it makes great sense. This is a practice that I will definitely incorporate beginning today.

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