Writing Wednesday: What do you write in your pocket notebook?

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Clairefontaine pocket notebook

For years I carried the pocket notebook shown in the photo above. It’s a Clairefontaine staple-bound notebook, 3 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches. I carried it everywhere so I would always have something to write on.

I never used it as any kind of a journal, or for any specific purpose really. I didn’t use it to write notes or thoughts or to make any plans. It was just a landing place for anything random that might otherwise be written on some scrap of paper and promptly lost.

I started using this notebook soon after one of our numerous international moves, and the first pages contain lists of household items I needed to buy: Entry Table. Bookshelves. Plastic Bins.

The next several pages have phone numbers of neighbors and people I’d just met, jotted hastily so I wouldn’t forget. There are also names of doctors people recommended, dance schools, and where to get fabric for curtains.

There are also lots of little-kid drawings and games of hangman we played when we were waiting somewhere and my kids were bored. My pocket notebook was always handy to write in whatever I needed at the time. It was always there.

Despite its lack of specific purpose, it turned out to be a very special little book. It holds day to day details of my life in my new home, and when my kids were little. Its use was very utilitarian, but the resulting contents are priceless.

What do you write in your pocket notebook?

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