Writing Wednesday: Journaling prompts to your future self

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Several years ago I used a day per page planner as my journal. Something I loved about using a dated diary as my journal was that it allowed me to write journaling prompts to my future self. Here’s what I mean:

When I was using my day per page planner as my journal, I wrote questions to my future self on the days’ pages when I knew things were going to happen. For example on a trip to a new place I wrote on the first day, what are my first impressions?  In the pages at the end of my trip I wrote questions like: What was the most fun? What was the most unexpected thing that happened? If I came back again, what would I want to see and do the next time?

It’s also a great way to evaluate the end of your month or year. In those days’ pages you can write: What went well? What didn’t go so well? What do I need to keep working on?

There are loads of other ways to write notes to your future self as journaling prompts, or even just reminders: Don’t get too stressed out over the holidays. Remember to relax and enjoy yourself.

Do you write notes to your future self?

Planner shown: the Journal 21 page per day planner

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